Friday, 1 June 2012

Slow Song Suggestion

A lot of the music I have recommended so far on this site has been fun and something you can dance to, however it’s important not to forget those days when you want to listen to a mellow, delicate song. Therefore, 'A Drop in the Ocean' by Ron Pope is perfect for this. The song begins almost a cappella to emphasise Ron's soulful voice and the sincere lyrics. The whole song is played on the piano which I think adds a story-teller element to his voice as you can imagine this song being played to you personally by someone you love as opposed to a song played in the clubs and at concerts; it makes it more personal even if you have not got a special someone in mind when listening. The last line of the chorus 'You are my heaven' is so beautifully sang and, just a warning, can lead to goose bumps for the hopeless romantics amongst us. Comment if you cry, comment if you don't, I would really like to hear how this song made you feel.

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