Sunday, 17 June 2012

It Gets Me By - The Glory Days

Teenagers across the country are very much aware that although the sun is beckoning us from outside, we have to study in our dark, depressing rooms as it is that dreaded time of year; exam season. Therefore, I thought I would post a song that can hopefully give you some motivation and get you through this stressful time. 'It Gets Me By' by The Glory Days is a song about highlighting all the things that make you smile and enjoy life throughout all the days when you feel like giving up. It has a slightly country feel to it and a really cool guitar solo after the first chorus. The lyrics are for more mature teenagers and I would not recommend listening to it with your little brothers and sisters, but not every song can be Justin Bieber style family friendly, a bit of controversy adds character sometimes and there's nothing wrong with knowing your target audience. Overall, this is a great song that can hopefully get YOU by. 

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