Sunday, 10 June 2012

Artist Of The Week - Tom Mann

Any friend of Joe Brooks must be cool right? That’s was what was going through my mind as I visited Tom Mann's Youtube channel after hearing about him via Joe Brooks' twitter and, as predicted, I was ecstatic with what I came across. He is not very well known yet with only just under 7,000 YouTube channel views which makes him different to my previous 'Artist Of The Week's whom already have a thriving fan base. However, Tom definitely has the potential to go far. On his channel, he has covered 'How Do I Live' by LeAnn Rimes and 'You Give Me Something' by James Morrison but also some of his own songs have been uploaded including 'Beautiful', 'Lost and Lonely' and 'Honey' which were all previously recorded with the band The Nascent Season. 'Lost and Lonely' is my favourite of these songs because I love the genuine lyrics and really good beat. His vocals could be compared to Ed Sheeran but a bit different as he sings in a higher pitch much like Brian Dales of The Summer Set. Basically, mix Ed and Brian's voice and you have this wonderful British creation. I would love to see Tom make more videos and get more views because he really deserves it. I have attached a video of a medley he performed live of Bill Withers' 'Aint No Sunshine', Semisonic's 'Secret Smile', Labrinth's 'Last Time' and The Beach Boys 'God Only Knows', because I am a sucker for a cool medley of contrasting songs that fit together well.

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