Sunday, 24 June 2012

Artist Of The Week - Sam Gray

Sam Gray matching his outfit to his guitar
case like a true musician (credit

Sam Gray is another example of a brilliant, new singer/song-writer from England. He sings with a three piece band and has toured with the likes of Westlife, The Overtones and East 17. He sings and writes rock music but it is all very soft and reminds me of The Fray, particularly the song 'All of My Life' which I would have to proclaim is my favourite song of his. I love the music video for this track as well; it is a quite an emotional, typically British video that tells a loveable story. The song itself starts off with a minimalistic guitar rhythm which develops by including drums and a base in the chorus. The line 'all of my life I’ve been running in circles' is very catchy and makes it a great song to sing along to. Sam Gray is an artist that you can tell has worked really hard making and performing music, rather than being plunged into the lime light like a winner of a talent show. His live acoustic songs he has uploaded onto Youtube highlights that he is not an auto-tune moulded artist and shows his vocal talents as well as his skills as a musician. Sam's song 'Brighter Day', which was released before 'All of My Life' is actually very different as it is up-beat and cheerful but this shows how versatile he is. This was further confirmed when I listened to his full album, also entitled 'Brighter Day'. It has a good balance of happy, summer songs and slower, peaceful songs and is definitely worth downloading.

On the 7th July I am attending the Luddstock Festival which takes place in the garden of Reynolds Farm in Luddesdown, Kent. It is an excellent evening with three live bands performing, including Sam Gray, which I am really looking forward to. I went to Luddstock last year and had an awesome time seeing the great bands for all different tastes in music. Also, the money raised at the festival goes to local charities, which means you know you are enjoying yourself for a good cause. Tickets are still available for the event but are selling fast so if you would like to catch Sam Gray, and other bands, in action definitely grab your tickets now! For more information and tickets visit -  Check back here after the event to see my review of the night!

Sam Gray's official website is where you can find all of his music, videos and upcoming events such as his performance at the Silverstone Grand Prix on July 6th.

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