Thursday, 7 June 2012

Alabama Capital

The capital of Alabama is Montgomery and so Nathan and Caleb Montgomery immediately grabbed me with their clever band name. Alabama Capital is two brothers that prove that talent can indeed run in the family. Nathan and Caleb began doing covers on Youtube of artists such as Jason Derulo, Lil Wayne and Adele. Both boys are very good guitar players and usually play in their videos too. Recently, they have written and recorded their own music including the song 'Stop' featuring Mandy Rain. Their music at the moment is all mid-tempo and acoustic and Nathan and Caleb have impressive vocals that seem to come naturally. Their new EP 'Live From the UG Studios' contains songs recorded live to an intimate audience and each song is brilliant and makes me anticipate a full length album from them. The duo is very close to their fans and often has livechats which show they are really nice guys. Check them out!

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