Saturday, 26 May 2012

Artist Of The Week - The Summer Set

I have an endless amount of praise for The Summer Set. The band from Arizona has been one of my favourite bands for a couple of years now ever since I heard the song 'Girls Freak Me Out'. Brian's voice is very much a voice that you either love or hate however I must say, I love it. Another thing that makes The Summer Set stand out from other bands is the fact they have a female drummer, Jess, and I think is great to see some talented girl power in a rock band. The Summer Set's last album entitled 'Everythings Fine' was one of those albums that do not have a bad song on it. Their songs on the album are a mixture of tracks with beautiful romantic lyrics and tracks about partying and having fun. My favourites are probably 'Begin Again' and 'Mannequin', although my preferences can change depending on my mood because they are all brilliant. The Summer Set have toured with some pretty impressive people too; All Time Low, Hey Monday and previous Artist of the Weeks He Is We and The Cab. They have played a few shows in the UK too and are doing a tour with Mayday Parade in October and I really hope I will be going to their show in London as I am dying to see them live.

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