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Album Review - Love Is A Four Letter Word (Jason Mraz)

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As you can imagine, as soon I heard the news of a new Jason Mraz studio album I was very excited and I had exceptionally high expectations due to the fact his last albums have been pretty much flawless. Immediately, the first tracks put a smile on my face because Mr A-Z's voice is still perfect and his smooth guitar rhythms are still capable of transporting you to a hammock on a beach. The brass instrumentals in The Freedom Song are similar to Butterfly and it is a really fun, positive song. The backing vocals add a soulful sound but I was disappointed that Jason did not write this song although he did write the rest of the album. Despite this, I found myself crossing my fingers that the rest of Love Is A Four Letter World is just as good.
I was is better. Track 2, Living In The Moment, has the same optimism of The Freedom Song and has a catchy tune throughout. I really love the lyrics ‘I will not waste my days making up all kinds of ways to worry about the things that will not happen to me' because many people can relate to them; over-thinkers and people that fear the future instead of enjoying the things they have in the present.

 Jason slows it down with the next song, The Woman I Love, which is pleasant because it emphasises the beauty and reality of the lyrics. All of a sudden, the hammock on the beach seems a million miles away as this song is like watching snowflakes fall whilst snuggled up by the fire with the person you love.
Just when you think Jason Mraz could not possibly get any more romantic, artistic and enchanting, the third track slaps you in the face and proves you wrong. I Won't Give Up is the first single from the album and, in my opinion, is the most beautiful song he has ever written. The first chorus left me speechless the first time I heard it as it is so precious and emotional. This song is also timeless and I can see it being a classic, like I'm Yours, in a few years to come. 'We've got a lot to learn but God knows we're worth it'.

I almost felt sorry for Track 5 as it has such a tough act to follow. Coincidentally called '5/6', this tune is not the best on the album as it is not as catchy or heartfelt as the previous songs. However, it has an interesting concept and fresh sound.

Track 6 is called 'Everything Is Sound' and is another joyful song, similar to the beginning of the album. It is very minimalistic with adorable lyrics and is another example of Jason's natural vocal talent.
Thankfully the 7th song, 93 Million miles has no similarity to 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. It has a slightly more country style than the other songs and spreads the message that 'home' is not just a physical place or house, it is where the people you love are and you feel safe. I also love the little educational fact in it as well, that the sun is 93 million miles away. This song warms my heart.

It took seven songs but finally, the humorous side of Jason Mraz that we all know and love is expressed in the song 'Frank D. Fixer'. The song actually has quite a deep meaning, despite the light hearted title and catchy tune. It is about looking up to someone and wanting to be like them but also having the desire to be anything the person you love wants you to be. Even if you do not feel good enough, or as good as others, you are willing to do anything it takes to prove your dedication to somebody.

'Who's Thinking About You Now?' makes you think about all the people that have got your back through everything. It is a different love song, as it’s about friends, families and partners. It's got a smooth jazz vibe and the chorus has a lot of passion and depth.

Track 10, In Your Hands, continues the soft 'late night' theme. Another one of my favourites on the album, this song has cute lyrics and I think it is one of those songs that gets better the more times you play it. It can be compared to some of Jason's old tracks such as 'Absolutely Zero' and 'If It Kills Me' and shows that he has not forgotten who he is in the time since his last album.

Track 11 is the only duet on the album and it is featuring Inara George. The song is called 'Be Honest' and honestly, I had never heard of Inara George and I was quite glad that she did not have a big part of the song purely because no duet could ever live up to 'Lucky' featuring  Colbie Callait and I would much rather just listen to Jason's angelic voice.

The final song, The World As I See It, is a gorgeous way to end the album. Although repetitive, the lyrics are very soulful and the live version is also worth a listen.

I feel as if I have run out of words to express my love for Jason Mraz and this album. What can I say? It is a masterpiece in my eyes (...well, ears). Mr A-Z is doing a concert in London in December but I must admit I am disappointed it is at the o2 as it is such a large venue and I feel Jason would excel more in a smaller, intimate gig.

 Please comment with your views on the album as I would love to hear if you share my feelings.

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