Sunday, 8 April 2012

Artist Of The Week - The Cab

The first band/artist I would like to proclaim as 'Artist Of The Week' is the band 'The Cab' from Las Vegas, Nevada. They have had two albums in the past four years and their newest album, Symphony Soldier, is definitely on my list of albums to purchase before you die. Alexander Deleon has an amazing, pure voice which comes naturally to him and sounds just as good live as it does on the album; something many singers in the charts today cannot achieve. My favourite songs of theirs are 'Endlessly', 'Bad', 'Animal' and 'Vegas Skies'. It is hard to think of a band to compare The Cab to because many rock bands have music that can be a bit repetitive and sound the same, but Alex's voice can give their music a depth that many rock songs do not have. Yes, their album includes many tracks to rock out to but even pop or indie lovers, I feel, can enjoy it too. They recently did a co-headlining tour with one of my other favourite bands, The Summer Set, which I hope they can bring to London sometime soon. I thouroghly recomend this band, I have developed a rather large love for them which began the first time I heard the captivating introduction to 'Temporary Bliss' and the extremely addictive chorus to 'La La La Love. So go and check them out, and let me know if you feel the same way.

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