Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Artist Of The Week - He Is We

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I am excited to announce that I have decided, with the help of a friend, that the Artist of the Week this week is He Is We. He Is We are unlike many indie pop bands in the music industry at the moment as they are a duo. The band consists of Rachel Taylor, a young girl with a talent for having a voice that is soothing yet can highlight a range of emotions that can divide your heart between gut wrenching sadness and joyful optimism, and Trevor Kelly who plays the instruments in the band and writes their fantastic songs with Rachel. The story of how the two met is just as cute and heart-warming as their music; they both worked in a music store in Washington and realised that their individual talents complimented each other's well, and that is where the union was formed and they began making sweet music. He Is We are also unlike many bands that have a cocky aura and a distant relationship with their fans as He Is We do not care so much about the number of fans, but that they can connect with them and show that even though they are musicians, they are just like everybody else. My favourite He Is We songs are All About Us, Everything You Do and Happily Ever After. All About Us featuring Owl City is not only a beautifully written song but the music video is breath taking. The video is the story of a boy and a girl in love however the girl has cancer but this does not change the strength of their relationship. In contrast to many music videos in the charts with half naked woman and self-centred men, this is a true love story that makes my heart melt every time I watch it as it is so genuine. Everything You Do is again a love song, but it has a wonderful 1950's sound and an upbeat chorus that you cannot help but to sing along to. This song asks the question everybody wants to know 'Do I end up happy?' but has a light, humorous approach to the subject. Overall, He Is We are a relatable, talented band that can express the honesty of relationships in one catchy chorus and are definitely a band that should be on your iPod.

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