Saturday, 5 May 2012

Artist Of The Week - Plug In Stereo

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There are so many reasons why I have chosen Plug In Stereo as Artist Of The Week; I admit one of them is Trevor Dahl's cute curly locks. Although I only started listening to Plug In Stereo a few weeks ago, I have found myself constantly playing some of their tunes as they make me feel so carefree, young and elated. Unlike previous Artists Of The Week, I do not know much about Trevor Dahl's background. My favourite songs of the band's are 'Oh Darling', 'Together' and 'I Blame You'. Oh Darling features the vocals of Cady Groves and their voices fit so superbly well that it makes the song very believable, light hearted, but genuine. 'Together' is equally as catchy and Trevor's rapping style is charming. The lyrics follow the theme of a movie-style teen romance but with more credibility than other young artists that attempt it. Finally, 'I Blame You' is a typical sun, sand and sea song which can paint a colossal smile on my face. Plug In Stereo really do make me wish it was possible to marry a voice. So if you're looking for an artist that can pick you up when you're down, check out Plug In Stereo for sure. Again, tweet me or comment your views; too cheesy or wonderfully cute?  

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