Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Concert Review - Nothing But Thieves


 On 8th May 2012, my three friends and I went to see Nothing But Thieves' showcase concert at Upstairs at the Garage in Islington, London (to find out more about the band, see my previous article). My 'woah' was aimed at the whole experience;  I said 'woah' about Conor's voice, 'woah' about the petite yet delightful venue and 'woah' about the new songs that the band wrote themselves. I shall start at the beginning...

We arrived inside the venue about quarter of an hour before Nothing But Thieves were due to play. Including them, there was two opening acts for the headliners Mini Mansions but we only really went to see NBT. The venue only holds 150 people but the age range of people there was very mixed and it was a good size to be close to the band but still have a buzzing atmosphere. The band came on stage on time which was an impressive start and immediately made the audience feel welcomed. Conor's voice exceeded my expectations and sounded just as incredible live as on YouTube. I know it is a controversial subject, but in my honest opinion he sings better than a lot of millionaire artists in the charts at the moment. It was the first concert I have been to in a long time where I have not known all of the words to every song, but this did not make it uncomfortable as we all enjoyed listening to the lyrics and paying attention to their voices instead of a huge crowd's screaming/ singing. The first couple of songs were mid-tempo and had aspects that reminded me of bands such as Kings of Leon and One Republic. They introduced the song 'Candles' by explaining that it means a lot to them as is about a death of a loved one. The emotion definitely came across in the slow, endearing song that made me go cold, in the best way possible. Conor got caught up in the moment and messed up a high note a bit, and later apologised by saying 'I’m sorry a cat died in the middle of that', but in no way did his slight slip take away the focus from how talented he, and the whole band, are. Needless to say, we were very forgiving. They ended their set with their single 'To Fly You've Got To Fall'. I liked how they mixed up the introduction by rocking out a bit and I admit it was fun to have a sing-a-long myself as I am very familiar with the words (that is a repercussion of having it on replay for the past couple of weeks). For the majority of the show, Dave was on drums, Joe was on guitar and Dom swapped between keyboard and guitar. The phrase 'left me wanting more' is one hundred per cent true in this case, which was the up-side of them only doing five songs. After the set, I saw Conor and asked about doing an interview for this site and he gathered the others. I felt a bit bad interrupting them but if there is one thing I can say about these boys, it is that they are so nice to talk to and are all very funny. We went outside to do the interview and it was a blast; the band were cracking jokes and making us all laugh. I had such a good time and I hope they did too. Afterwards, we took pictures and made sure we told them what an amazing night we had. They are so sweet and I am really looking forward to seeing them and meeting them again hopefully, I wish them all the best for the future and hope they get signed soon. If their performance is anything to go by, their album will be sensational. Keep checking back to this site to see the interview which I will be posting very soon and in the meantime check out To Fly You've Got To Fall and comment or tweet me what you think. Again, my thanks go to Nothing But Thieves for a night I will never forget.  

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