Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Passenger - The Wrong Direction

Do I agree this should be the title of a future Taylor Swift song? Yes, but that is beside the point. Similar to artists such as Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran who have been rising stars in the UK music scene, Passenger has a raspy folk voice and the ability to write a heart-felt acoustic track. This song is filled with clever, relatable lyrics that take a different stance on typical love songs today. I feel a song about the complications, awkwardness and fear involved with falling in love is more relevant for teenagers and first relationships rather than ones about 'forever'. Mark Rosenburg, from Brighton in the UK, began his career busking and the experiences he had whilst trying to make it in the tough world of music have clearly contributed to the emotion-driven undertones in his voice. Whilst this song has a faster guitar rythm which gives it an up-beat feel, songs from Passenger such as 'Let Her Go' have a soothing, lullaby sensation. I particularly love the horns near the end and the sweet, simplicity of the song. Let me know what you think!

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