Sunday, 15 July 2012

Loveable Rogues at Dartford Festival

My Friend and I hanging with the Loveable Rogues
 fresh from their set at Dartford Festival.
Another weekend and another Saturday of bands, rain, fun and mud. This weekend I attended Dartford Festival in Dartford Central Park despite the fact the rain outside was making me wonder whether I should stay in and build an ark! Nevertheless, I was eager to see the band Loveable Rogues after watching them take the judges and Britain by storm on the show 'Britain's Got Talent'. The song that they wrote themselves and performed at their audition entitled 'Love Sick' seemed to be stuck in everyone's heads for many weeks after; with it’s really catchy chorus and funny verses such as 'I was crumbled like apple pie when you left my flat only wearing a goodbye'. The three boys from Chingford write their own music, usually with the chorus being sung and the verses rapped/spoken. Their music is all very quirky and their London accent makes them (dare I say it?) loveable. Although on BGT they only finished fourth, it is clear they have developed a huge fan base as when I arrived at the festival there were plenty of screaming, teenage girls all trying to catch a glimpse of the band. At around six o'clock, it was announced that the Loveable Rogues were about to take the stage and the crowd went nuts. The rain managed to hold off during their set which was very good as it meant our view was not obstructed by huge umbrellas. As well as singing Love Sick and the song they performed in the final of BGT, they also did an impressive cover of 'Posh Girls' by Scouting For Girls and 'A Team' by Ed Sheeran. After the show, I was fortunate to have passes to go backstage and so met Sonny Jay, Eddie Brett and Te Eugene Qhairo. They were all very funny guys, laughing and joking with the fans about their twitter and the need for an umbrella hat. Overall, the band put on a great show for Dartford and, hopefully with the help of Simon Cowell and his record label, will go on making their charming blend of acoustic rock and rap.

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