Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lawson - The Girl I Knew

Lawson first caught my eye when I saw them open up for The Wanted and, as I predicted, they have exploded onto the charts and are on their way to huge success. Boy bands such as One Direction and The Wanted are certainly dominating the Top 40 at the moment, but Lawson are definitely a band as opposed to a BOY band because they play all of their own instruments (and write their own songs, earning them lots of credibility). The band have said that their inspirations for their debut album, 'Chapman Square', are John Mayer and The Wanted, but their music reminds me more of Coldplay's recent work. However, my favourite from the album is 'The Girl I Knew' and I have chosen it as today's recommendation because I think it is beautifully written and performed. It is a simple, acoustic song that is an excellent example of a band stripping down to tell an emotional story. The song immediately captivates you as Andy Brown's vocals have a lot of depth and soul. The chorus involves a key change with the repetition of 'The Girl I Knew' to emphasise that this is a song about heartbreak and missing somebody. Mentioning 'Covent Garden' reminds the listener that this is a British band and including a location that is familiar with many people is great as it helps the listener to imagine the story. This is the first time one of my recommendations has been 'mainstream' as such, but airplay and chart success has not brainwashed this band into making music that the record label wants instead of what they want to write and I hope that this continues. The matter is controversial but I believe a talented band like Lawson deserves to sell lots of records rather than songs with meaningless lyrics and heavily auto-tuned vocals. Definitely give 'Chapman Square' a listen and decide for yourself which is your favourite (meaning song not gorgeous band member, but I guess you can do both!)

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