Monday, 8 October 2012

The Summer Set, Natives, For The Foxes and Mayday Parade at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London October 4th

Surrounded by the boys from Natives after their show
I absolutely love it when you go to a concert to see one particular band but have a fantastic time because the other bands are surprisingly good too. Although it seemed three quarters of the very long queue leading up to the venue in buzzing Camden were there to see headliners 'Mayday Parade', my friend and I were there to see previous Artist of The Week, 'The Summer Set'. The venue was a good size, slightly bigger than the o2 Academy where I went a couple of weeks ago but small enough to still evoke the intimate feel. I'm not sure exactly how, but somehow I managed to end up very near to the stage with a brilliant view. The first band 'Natives' took to the stage and the crowd began rocking out to songs such as 'This Island' which was my favourite and I have since downloaded.  If you like You Me at Six, I am pretty sure you would like this band/song. The chorus is catchy and the drum beat is addictive. The lead singer really knew how to get the crowd pumped up, such as telling everybody to get down low on the floor then jump up when the chorus started which was very fun and a spectacle to see. Even though this is not strictly music related, I also wanted to comment on how cool their merchandise was as I happened to notice the well-designed shirts when I was chatting to the band after the gig.
Lead singer of For the Foxes, my friend Tamara and I
 The following band, ‘For the Foxes’, is signed to 'Hopeless Records' which is the same label that is home to 'All Time Low' and 'We Are the in Crowd'. This American band's music was a bit more summer indie pop/rock than Natives but vocalist Nick has a very rock sounding voice. The highlight of their set for me was when the band slowed it down and sang 'The River' with just Nick playing the keyboard to accompany. 'The River' is about a long distance relationship which Nick said is a very personal subject for the whole band as they are often away touring, and this was clear as the emotion came out as he sang.
Natives and For The Foxes were both talented, energetic bands that I really enjoyed and would love to see again, but by far my favourite band of the night were the ones I had been waiting a long time to see, 'The Summer Set'. Bursting onto the stage and instantly grabbing the audience with their well-known song 'Chelsea', I completely gave myself away to the music and I did not pause for thought as I sang along. They performed all of my favourites: 'Must Be The Music', 'Punch Drunk Love' and 'When We Were Young', along with a new song 'F*** You Over' which will be featured on their next album out next year. Brian's vocals sounded just as good as the studio recordings and Josh, John, Stephen and Jess did not miss a beat. It was then that all of those there to see The Summer Set joined together as Brian told the crowd to sing parts of songs back to him, the atmosphere was incredible as everybody used all of their lung power to fill the room. The set seemed to finish far too soon and I really hope I get to see a headlining show from The Summer Set sometime soon.
The crowd went crazy when 'Mayday Parade' came on stage, and although there is no denying they put on a good show, their music was not really my kind of thing. They have a very dedicated following and, again, the atmosphere was so good but I just did not connect with them as I did the previous three bands. However, when they took to the keyboard as well to sing 'Miserable At Best', I did really love it therefore I am not saying I did not like any of their songs, because I thought this one was beautiful.
Brian Dales of The Summer Set entertaining
the crowd at the Electric Ballroom
Overall, the sweaty, hot, exhausting night was brilliant and I enjoyed every minute of it. The crowd was so tightly packed and I felt squashed at all times but that was part of the fun of being near the front. I had to rush off quite quickly after the show to make sure I did not miss the last train, and so did not manage to meet The Summer Set but I did say hello to the guys from For The Foxes and Natives who were all really friendly. I would definitely recommend you check out all of the bands I saw at the Electric Ballroom on a cold night in October, and let me know what you think!


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