Thursday, 23 August 2012

Artist Of The Week - Basic Vacation

Basically, Basic Vacation are a must-listen to new band.
I tend to start my 'Artist Of The Week' blog posts with how I first discovered each artist. I have a passion for finding new music and developing my views of it so when I come across a band I get excited. If you want to share my feelings a great way to check out new music is listening to random bands that follow you on twitter and browsing through the 'Recommended' videos when you are listening to a band you already know and love. Sometimes the bands are not brilliant or not your kind of thing, but occasionally you can come across a real gem and quickly become a fan.

 This week's Artist Of The Week is Basic Vacation and I first heard of these guys after some sad news that the drummer (Mike Montalbano) of the fabulous rock/pop band Hollywood Ending parted ways with the rest of the boys. However, it just goes to show when one door closes another one opens as Mike then went on to join Basic Vacation from New York/Philadelphia. The band are quite different from Hollywood Ending as their music is more indie pop, I would personally describe their music as refreshing and fun. Basic Vacation is a very new band and so far only has one song called 'If You Want To' but if this song is anything to go by, their future music is going to be really great. The song has a sprinkle of summer sparkle and a huge helping of catchy lyrics that make me want to dance to it all the time. The three boys in the band are all very friendly on twitter and they have the potential to go far. Currently, the guys are doing house parties across the USA and I must say I am very jealous of the American fans as what could be better than having an awesome band perform right in your front room with all your friends?

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